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Oracle Imaging Services, Inc.
Neil Chafetz, M.D., Medical Director

Web-based Diagnostic Imaging is Now Available!

Oracle Imaging Services is proud to announce that we now provide web-based diagnostic imaging to our referring physicians. Access to your patients' medical imaging is now available via a secure login anytime/anywhere an internet connection is available.

This diagnostic imaging technology provides a more effective communication among our physicians, as well as better patient outcomes. Our web-based, client-server capability advances our mission to make sophisticated imaging capabilities readily available to our referring physicians, 24 hours and day, 7 days a week.

Please "click here" to login.

Comprehensive Reporting Services:

Concise written reports with films routinely arrive at your office within 48 hours of an exam. Reports, selected images, and accompanying bills may be transmitted via the internet to referring physicians and insurers. Stat, verbal, and faxed reports are also available. For lumbar spinal examinations, we include a chart that quantifies abnormalities in each written report.

We keep a complete electronic library of all patient scans for telephone consultations. We are available for difficult case discussions, second opinions, and medical legal evaluations on litigated cases.