Oracle Imaging Services, Inc.
Neil Chafetz, M.D.,
Medical Director

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Oracle Imaging Services, Inc.
Neil Chafetz, M.D., Medical Director

The Most Advanced State-of-the-Art Technology is available at Oracle Imaging Services, Inc.

Oracle offers superior CT and MRI equipment, including special equipment designed for claustrophobic or large patients. As technology improves, we continue to upgrade to provide you with the best available imaging resolution and clarity.

Our advanced computer software provides precise visualization with 2-D and
3-D diagnostic thin section reformatting for precise diagnoses, as well as 3-D reconstructed images of CT and MRI exams to aid in surgical planning.

The latest advances in data communications permit us to store all images in our digital archive system. Images can be made available to the referring physician by one of three methods: (1) rapid internet delivery, (2) paper prints, and (3) radiographic film. Traditional radiologists' film may be the preferred modality for clinicians. Paper prints fit in most medical charts and avoids the need for film storage, x-ray viewing boxes, and delays in locating films in the office when the patient is seen. Rapid internet delivery permits viewing the report and images on an immediate basis. Thus, delays in viewing images in remote locations will be obviated.